From the white sandy beaches of the Loyalty Islands to the mining scrubland of the “Grand Sud,” from the savannahs of the West Coast to the rainforests of the East Coast, New Caledonia will seduce you thanks to its diversity of colors and its contrasting identity. Located 1,500 km east of Australia and 2,000 km north of New Zealand, New Caledonia, also known as the “Island of Light”, is the third largest island in the South Pacific. It is a French territory with a special status which grants the island broad autonomy. New Caledonia is comprised of Grande Terre(the main island)400km long and 50km wide, l’île des Pins(Isle of Pines) les îles Bélep (the Bélep islands) and the 4 Loyalty islands (Ouvéa, Maré, Lifou and Tiga).. New Caledonia boasts a range of natural scenery that is unique in the world, thanks to its exceptionally well-preserved biodiversity: coral reef, rainforest mountain, dry forest plain, niaouli savannah, mangrove forest, mining scrub, white sand beach and turquoise lagoon. The low population density (280,000 inhabitants) means that many of the natural settings are free from urbanization. New Caledonia’s population is composed of people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds : Melanesians, Europeans, Polynesians, Asians, Arabs and Indians, which is the source of the island’s cultural diversity. As a result, local architecture is singular and varied: Kanak huts, colonial houses, buildings from the penal colony era (1864 to 1924), modern structures (urban expansion) . as well as industrial sites: mines. These unique features make New Caledonia and ideal location to stage all audiovisual and film productions. New Caledonia enjoys a temperate climate that varies little throughout the year. New Caledonia is eager to put the wealth of audiovisual and cinematographic skills it hoses at your disposal to enable you to tell stories of the past, the present and the future.


Our Skills

Backed by a network of locally-recognized professionals, the territory houses over forty production companies and 165 professionals representing the equivalent of 100 full-time jobs.
The South Province’s Filming Support Office can put you in contact with over 4,000 actors and extras.
The South Province provides a variety of professional machinery equipment free of charge (Panther crane, travelling rails, dolly, etc.).
Several professionals may bring their own video, sound and lighting equipment. Rentals are commonplace between professionals as well .

Film and Television Production Office


The South Province’s Filming Support Office with over 15 years’ experience, will help you develop and undertake your film shoots in this remote Pacific land.

It offers technical and logistical support to production companies and independent filmmakers as they develop their film projects (drama, documentary, animation, music videos, commercials, flow programs, etc.). It is the first port of call for local, national and international audiovisual and film production companies. It acts as a valuable bridge between audiovisual and cinematographic productions and public authorities. Affiliated with Film France CNC, it is a part of an international network which gives New Caledonia more visibility internationally .