Prix du Meilleur Court-Métrage - Festival du cinéma de La Foa 2021 / 2021

Following an unsuccessful referendum period, New Caledonia decides to send two Caledonians to the International Space Station as a standard-bearer for living together…


Plastic storm

Prix du meilleur Clip - Festival du cinéma de la Foa 2022 / 2021


Pierrot Lenquette

Prix du jury Aline Marteaud-Da Silva - Festival du cinéma de la Foa 2023 / 2021

Pierrot LENQUETTE is a man. You can tell that by the details. But he’s also a private detective, and that doesn’t show. Every day, he winds a small alarm clock with a small chrome key, receives the News in his mailbox, goes to the Café to have a black coffee in a large cup, cold milk in a small pot, a hard-boiled egg, and salt.
One morning, he starts reading the information printed on the right-hand page, in the bottom corner, between the supermarket gas price and the weather forecast. What he
about to read is about to change his day’s planning forever:
There’s nickel in the tap water! And more…


Lost Highway

Pix du public - Festival du cinéma de la Foa 2017 / 2017

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