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OPJ – Pacific criminal

Director(s) : Matthieu Vollaire, Francois Bigrat, Florian Thomas, Stéphane Meunier, Year of production : 2018, Duration : 50x26', Format : Fiction

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OPJ – Pacific criminal


Clarissa is a brigade commander of Reunionese origin, who leads a group of investigators deployed in a working-class district of Nouméa. As brilliant as she is stubborn, Clarissa is the linchpin of the team, but she also manages her family life.
Gaspard, the old-fashioned cop, Jackson, the young lieutenant, Kelly, the Kanak member of the brigade: we follow their family and love lives as they carry out investigations rooted in the territory’s particularities, taking them from Nouméa to the bush, from ranch to tribe, and from the red soil of the south to the Loyalty Islands.

Year of production



Yaëlle Trules, Marielle Karabeu, Antoine Stip, Nathan Dellemme, Alexandre Varga, Clémentine Julienne, Hindra Armede

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G (general audiances)



Author(s) / Screenwriter(s)

Eugenie Dard, Jose Caltagirone, Emmanuelle Dupuy, Charlotte Joulia, Juliette Gilot

Distribution channels

France TV, TV5 Monde

Type(s) / Public Funding Organization(s)

CNC, Fonds de soutien audiovisuel et cinématographique de Nouvelle-Calédonie, Bureaux d'accueil de tournage de la province Sud.

Executive Production(s)

Pacific Terence Films

Year of production assistance from the New Caledonia Audiovisual and Cinematographic Support Fund