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Space Lovers

Director(s) : Xavier de Thoury, Darren Brunet, Year of production : 2023, Duration : 3'31, Format : Video clip

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In the interstellar void, a terrible battle is raging between two millennia-old enemies. Two starship pilots, Dr Goodfellow and the Daughter of the Dragon, engage in a deadly chase, then suddenly find themselves face to face. In a glance, an irresistible passion of love seizes them. War and hatred finally give way to love. They flee to the edges of space, to a planet whose sublime landscapes reflect their love.

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Stéphanie Lao Yan, Benjamin Goodfellow

Duration / Format / Sub-format

Video clip


G (general audiances)



Author(s) / Screenwriter(s)

Benjamin Goodfellow, Xavier de Thoury, Darren Brunet

Distribution channels

NC la 1ère

Composition of original music.

Dr Goodfellow

Type(s) / Public Funding Organization(s)

Fonds de soutien audiovisuel et cinématographique de Nouvelle-Calédonie

Executive Production(s)

Walla Prod

Year of production assistance from the New Caledonia Audiovisual and Cinematographic Support Fund